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Stay Alfred Chicago

Destination Chicago: Winter in the Windy City

As the third most populous city in the United States, Chicago is an international hub for finance, culture, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Known around the world as The
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The case for a long, mid and short-term view in sailing and marketing

Working within an organization’s annual financial process means you are likely to be either preparing, or have just finished, your annual planning and budgeting. In fact, it can often feel
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TRUMP: the influencer President?

In 2016 I wrote an article about how then candidate Donald Trump had used the influence and reach of social media to bypass the media and create a movement of
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A sales opportunity for the ages

Cyclicality makes for many opportunities, many have made millions studying cycles, taking deliberate action to capitalize on turning points, be they peaks and troughs, or the birth of a new
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Hope and tax cuts in Iowa

What can we learn from middle America? Gideon Rozner heads deep into Iowa to find out Even by the standards of smaller airports, Iowa’s Waterloo Regional Airport is conspicuously spartan.
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How the GDPR affects email marketing today

Marketing managers across the globe have been losing sleep since the introduction of the EU GDPR earlier this year. But what is the GDPR and how does it affect email
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Destination London

Destination London: one of the world’s best-known cities and a destination of choice for hundreds of years

As one of the world’s oldest and largest cities, London has been a destination of choice for travellers across the globe for hundreds of years. Founded by the Romans as
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Ontario Medical Association (OMA): Seeking a partner in provincial government

Broadly speaking, all of Ontario’s 34,000 practicing doctors and medical trainees are represented by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). Over its 137 year history, the OMA is the only organization
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