TD Asset Management Inc. to reduce management fees and simplify TD Mutual Funds lineup

TD Bank Group

TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), manager of TD Mutual Funds, announced today it will lower the maximum annual management fees on select series of 45 TD Mutual Funds, including its already competitively priced, fee-based series offering, on or about March 28, 2017.

“We continually look for ways to help advisors assist clients in reaching their investment goals,” said Bruce Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, TD Asset Management. “Reducing our already competitive management fees is a great example of how we strive to do this.”

TDAM will also simplify its high net worth (HNW) offering by making changes to the HNW series (Premium Series, Premium F‑Series, K‑Series and PS‑Series) of certain TD Mutual Funds by:

Terminating the series;
Closing the series to all purchases;
Closing the series to purchases by new investors; or
Converting securityholders of a HNW series to another series which will have the exact same fees and features.

Effective end of business today, all terminating HNW series will be closed to purchases and will subsequently be terminated on or about March 28, 2017. All other changes to the HNW series will be implemented on or about March 28, 2017.

This simplified approach to pricing will make it easier to determine the appropriate series of TD Mutual Funds for investors.

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About TD Asset Management

TD Asset Management (TDAM), a member of TD Bank Group, is a North American investment management firm. Operating through TD Asset Management Inc. in Canada and TDAM USA Inc. in the U.S., TDAM brings new thinking to investors’ most important challenges. TDAM offers investment solutions to corporations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and individual investors. Additionally, TDAM manages assets on behalf of more than 2 million retail investors and offers a broadly diversified suite of investment solutions including mutual funds, professionally management portfolios and corporate class funds. Collectively, TDAM manages over C$310 billion in assets as at September 30, 2016.

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