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Noel Hadjimichael

Public policy consultant Noel Hadjimichael Washed up elites need to stop lecturing the people in Canadian Business Quarterly

Washed up elites need to stop lecturing the people

The ramblings of ex-Prime Ministers, Presidents and CEOs is a feature of all political life, history and cultures. From a previous leader being led away by aides in a show
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Noel Hadjimichael in The Canadian Business Quarterly

Spymasters, conspiracies, the PRC, & Dong Jingwei

The tensions currently exposed between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States, let alone the more than 100 years of competition between Communist regimes and the assorted
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Noel Hadjimichael-The-Canadian-Business-Quarterly

Wolf warrior diplomacy: Why we all need to change the way we look at China

Founded after the turmoil and devastation of the Second World War, as part of the initial United Nations response to immediate need, the Geneva-based organization and its many dedicated professionals
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