New Location for Woodbridge Japan Inc Commercial and Engineering Centre

Woodbridge Japan Inc. (WJI) has recently enhanced its Commercial and Engineering Centre, emphasising the commitment Woodbridge has towards the Japanese automotive market, supporting local and global programs designed and sourced in Japan. WJI currently supports moulded polyurethane foam for automotive seat cushioning, head restraints and armrests. With its expanded resources, WJI now offers local product design and development and the full breadth of Woodbridge innovative foam technologies.

Motonori Kudo, President, Woodbridge Japan Inc., states, “I am pleased to announce the new location of our Commercial and Engineering office in Japan. We are very excited about this major event, as this facility represents our ongoing efforts to be an integrated solutions provider to Japanese OEMs and Tier 1s. From this office, we now support all our innovative products, and additional customer services including: Global Commercial Support, Product Development and Design, Program Management, Sampling, Tooling, Engineering Support and Product Testing.”

WJI has been serving Japanese customers locally since 2006, supplying development support of moulded polyurethane foam for automotive seat cushioning, head restraints and armrests. The WJI Commercial and Engineering Centre is a significant milestone significantly enhancing the Japanese customer experience, by offering advanced product development, to tailor technologies and applications to specifically meet their unique requirements. Now supporting the full gamut of product design and development, WJI offers greater local support, more direct access to a growing list of innovative urethane technologies and the full breadth of industry-leading, automotive interior products.