Questions to consider when advancing your professional development in marketing

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR Founder Darian Kovacs

Getting started on your digital marketing career can be an exciting journey but can also be difficult to know which courses and certifications will be of the most benefit to you in helping you achieve your goals. There are many digital marketing bootcamps, courses, and programs to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming to understand which one will best propel you on your career journey. How can you know which course will help you land the job and have you feeling prepared when you’re actually working the job too? Well, there’s three questions you can ask and investigate when looking for a digital marketing bootcamp. 

These questions will help you understand the validity of the course as well as how useful it will actually be for you. Once you start looking at the courses available through this lens, it will be clear which ones you’ll walk away feeling great about or the others that will be more of a bust when it comes to enhancing your skills. Read on to find out what three questions will help you when searching for your digital marketing bootcamp!

What certificates will I walk away with when I’m complete?

When taking courses for digital marketing, your main goal is to walk away with certifications and recognition that will help you not only land jobs, but feel prepared for them. When you sit down to do your work everyday, you’ll want to feel ready and confident that you can navigate any task or project that comes your way. To ensure you receive this type of preparation, you’ll need to find a digital marketing course that provides qualified certifications that focus on the applied skills needed in your desired roles. This would include certificates such as Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics, Google Ads and others that are highly relevant in the digital marketing industry. It’s important you do research on the types of jobs you want to land and succeed in, and which certificates will be appropriate for that position. 

In addition to developing the necessary skills, it’s important the course provides industry recognized certifications that you can achieve alongside your course as well as providing credentials that are external from the course itself. In the case of a school like Red Academy going bankrupt, it left students with nothing to show for their experience. By picking a course that uses evergreen and consistent certifications, it ensures you have those skills no matter what happens to the institution. Having evergreen certifications for digital marketing will be a key way to maintain a standing when the industry, and the bootcamps to educate the industry, are constantly evolving. 

How is the course taught? 

Is it live, on demand or a mix of both? How your digital marketing bootcamp is conducted will have a large impact on what you will take away from the course. The best way to take a digital marketing course is with a live format to get the most from the curriculum. Having a class that is live is great for the reason that you get fresh and current content that evolves with the industry’s needs. Digital marketing changes so much, even daily, and it’s important that these topics are live vs. pre-recorded so no important updates are missed. When taking a digital marketing course that is taught live, you’ll have an advantage when entering the job market by being knowledgeable on the current topics and trends. 

Additionally, by having a synchronous course, it allows students to participate and ask questions as the materials are presented. When you’re learning complex topics such as SEO, digital ads, PR, and social media, it can be hard to absorb all the content on your own without any additional questions. There’s many layers and additional teachings that go with each of these topics that could simply not be covered via a pre-recorded lecture. Jelly Academy is a digital marketing course that teaches all of these topics live and allows for interactive activities with students to participate in. This provides students with a well-rounded experience that has them feeling prepared and asking questions in class, opposed to feeling lost on the job.

Is there a good timeframe to complete the certifications? 

A reason to take a course in the first place is for accountability and assistance through the certifications and to successfully complete them. You should aim to finish all certifications while in your course in order to maintain the motivation and responsibility to finish. Otherwise you could be doing it on your own with free lessons you find on Youtube without the same educational value. Along with accountability, doing your certifications throughout your digital marketing bootcamp allows you to discuss questions, findings, or noteworthy pieces with your instructor. This is key for really digging deep and understanding the concepts of digital marketing. 

In addition to accountability and support in completing your certifications, if a course shapes the curriculum by finishing your certifications before graduation, this has you leaving the entire program completely ready to enter the job market. By the time you’ve completed your bootcamp, you will have various certifications along with the certification of the course itself, which will definitely be a boost to your resume!

These are the three questions that you should be asking before signing up for your digital marketing course. These specifics should help you find the right digital marketing program for you and your career goals and have you completing the course feeling positive and ready to get going in your career. The best thing you can do is research the course thoroughly and ensure it hits these three marks, along with any other goals you want to achieve by taking it. Once you decide on your course, enjoy the process and all the exciting tools you’ll learn in your education. Good luck on the journey!

Darian Kovacs is the Founder of Vancouver based SEO company Jelly Digital Marketing & PR,

5 podcasts every Canadian business leader should be listening to: Insights for Canadian leaders

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Podcasts have gained massive popularity in the past few years and for all the right reasons. They are an amazing way to stay informed about topics you are interested in, and can be a first step in finding new interests. Podcasts have become a space for experts to offer advice and share experiences openly. Business experts have flocked to this medium, eager to share their expertise, offering advice on entrepreneurship, marketing, finances, and management. Some of the biggest names in business have started their own podcast, including Barbara Corcoran, Bethany Frankel, and Tony Robbins. 

If you’re looking for advice on anything, you’re likely to be able to find it on a podcast. One of the fantastic things about podcasts is the direct connection between the podcaster and listeners, with many podcasts having an open email for questions. So if you can’t find the response you’re looking for feel free to ask, there are probably others that have the same question, and these business bigwigs will probably have the answers. 

Here are our top 5 business podcasts that you need to listen to.The best part – they’re all owned and hosted by Canadians! 

1. Marketing News Canada

Marketing News Canada is hosted by award winning marketing expert, me! It’s filled with educational, motivating, and informative interviews with marketing professionals from across the country. A few of the executives interviewed are from Twitter Canada, Google, Starbucks, Daily Hive, TIFF and so many more. If you enjoy hearing about the people behind prominent brands and how their strategic perspective and expertise helped them create brilliant campaigns and achieve success, then we know you’ll love Marketing News Canada. 

2. Growth Marketing Today

Hosted by Ramli John, Growth Marketing Today is a podcast for those with a passion for marketing, design, and product owners. Ramli is joined by guest speakers that are experienced within these 3 subjects. Each episode is filled with fantastic stories and advice. Ramli guides listeners through his guests’ tried and tested strategies, and provides us with insights into what worked, what didn’t, and what lessons you should take away. It’s a great way to stay in the loop and keep up with industry insights.  

3. I Quit! 

Becoming an entrepreneur usually begins with the words “I Quit”. Hence the naming of this fantastic podcast. I Quit tells the incredible stories of entrepreneurs that left the security and support of a regular 9-5 job and found success working for themselves doing what they love. Learn lessons from people that had to find out the hard way, and hear where these founders found their motivation to create something new and overcome challenges. Perhaps you might just find some inspiration to change your life and start your own business.

4. Today in Digital Marketing 

Today in Digital Marketing is the quick daily update you need to stay on top of what’s going on in the fast paced world of digital marketing and social media. If you need to stay up to date on the trends of the day, or new industry information, this podcast hosted by Tod Maffin, will make sure you’ve got the inside scoop. Turn industry insights into actionable information, and always be on top of your game by listening to Today in Digital Marketing  with new episodes every weekday morning.

5. Under the Influence 

Hosted by the legend, Terry O’Reilly, Under the Influence offers a unique look into some of the most successful and memorable marketing campaigns from around the world. Some marketing doesn’t just achieve brand goals, it touches lives.These are the ones that deserve mention, and Under the Influence delivers. O’Reilly offers a humorous and informative glance into the ideas that made these campaigns successful, and why people loved them so much. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own marketing campaigns we cannot suggest this podcast enough.

If you have not listened to one of the podcasts above yet, you’re missing out on so much great content. Do some research and find one that fits your interests, but we promise you won’t be disappointed. Including podcasts in your information network for marketing news and insights will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Learn from some of the best in the business and use their wisdom to develop a better understanding of marketing for yourself and your business.

Not sure where to find podcasts? They are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Darian Kovacs is the Founder of Jelly Digital Marketing & PR,

5 Canadian software companies that can help grow your business


When you’re supporting local businesses it goes beyond just buying from the local bakery. If you’re looking for tools to help your company, local means sourcing Canadian, and helping to support fellow Canadians that are trying to achieve their dreams and goals. When looking for programs to add to your organization’s roster of tools, you don’t need to look far. Some of the most innovative software programs have come out of Canada, and they deserve to be recognized for the value they bring to organizations. Supporting local businesses is important for supporting Canada and the people that live here. Keeping revenue within the borders helps support local communities and makes the people around us more prosperous, rather than adding to the pockets of businesses across borders and overseas. So check out these great Candian companies and you just might find the solution you were looking for. 

1. Shopify

Shopify is a giant in the software world and it has gained international recognition for its e-commerce capabilities. This website platform hosts some of the largest e-commerce websites on the internet and it’s showing no signs of slowing down with over 1 million companies using their platform. Shopify is the ultimate hosting platform for any company that wants efficient and easy to use e-commerce capabilities on their website, and it offers 24/7 service and free tutorials so you can always ensure your website is running optimally. On top of that Shopify will also seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics, so you can track and manage your websites traffic, and most importantly, your goals. Shopify is a clear choice if you manage any type of online store, and their vast experience monitoring and managing other e-commerce websites has allowed them to refine their design to lead customers through the sales process. This means your website will be optimized to drive sales right from the get go. This local company will help get your products into the hands of those who want them, what’s more important than that?

2. Cyberimpact

Managing a growing list of contacts is an issue every entrepreneur hopes to deal with. A comprehensive email management system helps establish a business professionally and will ensure you never lose track of your contacts. Cyberimpact is an email management system that helps businesses stay in touch with important clients and keep track of their email marketing strategy. Using a system like Cyberimpact will result in more successful email campaigns, better information for your customers, and less work for you or your employees. Running an efficient and effective business is all about using your time wisely, so embracing an incredible program that also happens to be another Canadian business, to manage your time and your business effectively is a win-win.

3. Hootsuite

Social media management can be a lot to think about. You need to develop posts and stories your followers will enjoy, post those on time, manage their comments, AND spend time liking, retweeting, commenting, and following others, phew! Well good news, there are Canadian based businesses you can rely on to help get all your social media managed quickly and efficiently. Hootsuite is a program that allows you to post to your social media accounts all from one location making managing posts across feed’s simpler and faster. You can also use Hootsuite to interact with people that are engaging with your accounts all from one easy place. This Canadian company is trusted by over 18 million organizations worldwide, and is the social media management tool used by 80% of Fortune’s top 1000 businesses globally. With a local company that’s trusted by so many, you can’t go wrong.

4. UnBounce

Designing an attractive landing page that helps your website achieve goals can be a struggle. Especially for small businesses that don’t have a team behind them that has the knowledge to make a custom landing page that can direct customers to their end goal. That’s where UnBounce comes in. They allow companies to customize landing pages that are optimized for turning traffic into leads and sales. They have analysed over 19 million conversions to determine the best solutions for their customers. They ensure your landing page is streamlined and free from distractions so your customers will be directed to purchase your products. This Canadian company thought of everything, they even allow you to perform A/B testing to determine the best page design for your website. Adding a custom landing page that is proven to improve results will help your business get the sales it needs to grow. Make sure your customers get what they came to your website for and you get the best conversions you can.

5. DashThis

This program is a marketer’s dream. All your marketing data in one succinct report that can provide you with the answers you need to make snap judgment decisions, and inform your strategy going forward. Their reporting dashboard tracks KPI’s and performance metrics across projects, so you can focus on making sure your projects are running smoothly, not constantly collecting reporting data. This program is trusted by over 18,000 companies in 122 countries world wide. You can customize your dashboard or use their preset templates that are optimized to track Social Media, SEO, PPC & SEM, and Google Analytics reports. This software program will save valuable time and will help prove your MROI to the decision makers in the organization, allowing more concise strategies and better use of your marketing efforts moving forward. Another phenomenal Canadian company that’s making life easier, and businesses better.

Supporting local businesses is easy when they help you achieve your goals and make your business better. Integrating new tools into your organization can seem daunting at times, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be fluent in technology. But the great part of all these software tools is that they’re designed to be easy to use and helpful to anyone that needs them. Supporting Canadian businesses is easy when the products and services they offer are among  the best in the world, and they offer clear solutions to everyday problems that all businesses face. These Canadian companies have helped others achieve their marketing and organizational goals, so don’t hesitate to use the tools at your disposal and make your business the best it can be.

About the Author:

Darian Kovacs is the founder of Jelly Digital Marketing & PR. He brings 15 years of marketing experience and a passion for education, and creativity. He is constantly on the forefront of new trends in the Vancouver SEO, PR, and Marketing world. Darian specializes in digital marketing and worked with numerous internationally renowned brands on developing and executing their digital marketing strategies. 

Darian Kovacs, Founding Partner of Jelly Digital Marketing & PR,