Oakwyn Realty: ascending Vancouver’s real estate market


The founder of Oakwyn Realty faced some indomitable challenges on his way to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur in Vancouver. The untimely and unexpected death of his father caused Michael Uy to drop out of university classes without any knowledge of how to support his family during a trying time. He recently told The Canadian Business Quarterly that the tragic circumstances propelled him into a career that he had never even remotely considered. His company, Oakwyn Realty, ranks as one of the top five real estate brokers in the Vancouver area.

Launching a career without training

With no acquired skills as qualifications for employment to provide support for his Philippine family, he discontinued his studies and accepted the advice of a friend to get a real estate license. He soon realized that the environment in the city offered very few programs for new cultures or for young professionals either. Selling properties for a couple of Vancouver’s top firms for seven years gave him the opportunity to devote his entrepreneurial strengths to co-founding Oakwyn Realty as CEO in 2013.

Taking an innovative approach to selling real estate

While most Vancouver real estate brokerages hire agents in the over 50 age group,  found those in their early 30s provided the spirited and motivated workforce that he prefers. His company profile reflects a reliance on putting people first with the purpose of treating agents and clients with the utmost respect. Oakwyn’s innovative ideals brings freshness and dynamism to real estate brokerage transactions with its industry-leading agents. From its inception, Oakwyn has chosen a path that incorporates a collaborative model with innovation in all aspects of its operations. The company intends to “reinvent real estate,” and it wants everyone to work together. The path has led to extraordinary success.

The innovative approach that has brought Uy’s company to the pinnacle of real estate in Vancouver rests on the motivation to “change the way the industry works” as well as the way that company employees work. With the assurance of mutual support for each person, the company encourages questions and “rethinking the norm.” To establish the concept of mutual support and the importance of helping each other, Oakwyn’s offices depart from traditional office centers. The design creates an environment that resembles a family setting that enhances the goal of collaborating openly and freely.

The young people whose energy and innovativeness define the company profile make no apologies for promoting the studious and committed image of “nerds.” While the company encourages agents to rest and get a good night’s sleep, it also welcomes the kind of passionate interest that may keep them up on occasional nights. Along with collaboration and innovation, agents develop traits that they like to see in others, and they believe that modeling them can help others adopt the practices as well. The company values transparency, passion, trust and humility. A desire to learn characterizes the young people who devote their days and some nights to show the way to think that does not involve ego.

Oakwyn Realty, ranks as one of the top five real estate brokers in the Vancouver area

Perhaps a consequence of having no access to growt\h opportunities when he started in the real estate field, Michael Uy’s endorsement of education inspires the employees at Oakwyn Realty. His enthusiasm for learning may stem from the necessity for him to leave his university studies and find work to provide support for his family. A decision to not further his education may spark his interest in encouraging his employees to “seek out and incorporate new learning” in even the most ordinary activity. He wants everyone to listen, learn and share information that may interest others. An open mind provides a basis for accomplishing a task that the CEO regards as an important one. The consequence of incorporating the values that Uy recommends leads to creating an atmosphere that welcomes change.

Providing a different kind of offerings

With the principles and work ethic that Michael Uy instills in his employees, the company can pursue offerings in the real estate field that make it unique. An emphasis on selling buyers a home instead of a house marks a huge difference between the Oakwyn approach and its competitors. A review of the market occupies Uy for an hour or two every evening providing the basis for a thoughtful way to treat every client with respect. The company’s media campaigns promote a mutually beneficial relationship between agents and clients that involves lifestyle as a bond or unifying interest. The personal aspect of the relationships helps establish an appropriate use of advertising media that contrasts with the prevailing tone and content. Uy’s company understands the importance of the humanizing influence that minimizes statistics and dollar signs. The respectful and innovative approach to commerce seems to work very well for Oakwyn Realty. Uy recently explained his company sold $2.7 billion in real estate across British Columbia in 2018, contributing to its standing as the largest and highest selling brokerage.

Showing significant growth

The extraordinary success that Michael Uy enjoys with the company that he co-founded attests to the validity of his innovative and collaborative approach. After less than 10 years in operation, he has achieved levels that many companies never reach. Clients who choose to work with Oakwyn Realty account for its highly significant growth rate, and they express their opinions and appreciation. The qualities in Oakwyn agents that they regard highly include excellent communication and negotiating skills among honesty, professionalism, knowledge, politeness and patience. Attention to detail wins approval from clients who may never have seen the level of efficiency that Uy makes sure his company provides. Clients often think of Oakwyn agents as family members for their willingness to give helpful advice with enthusiasm and personal concern.

For more information on Oakwyn Realty visit www.oakwyn.com.


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