Business Executive Training baSIX™


The BUSINESS EXECUTIVE TRAINING baSIX™ (BET) upgrades entrepreneurs – those who see ‘the opportunity’ – into Quantumpreneurs: globally aware, locally focused executives who persistently build and consistently lead harmonious business organizations that make a difference.

Originally created by Business Source Coach, Robert S. Chun, the BET System has been successfully applied for over 28 years in hundreds of companies in a full spectrum range of industries.

BRAIN TRAINING PRO™ developed the original design and integrated additional components for the purpose of boosting adaptability as we enter the imminent technological future of Artificial Intelligence.

Regardless of where you are in the game of being an entrepreneur, the BET deepens know-how of business systems and activates a Character-driven executive mindset based on an architecture of state-of-the-art Brain Training Systems and a foundation of structure, integrity and order.

Its’ unique design gives you the necessary business knowledge and practical brain training skills to face the challenges of tomorrow’s business world right now.

Please apply at:

Applicants will be contacted with further details.

$1,997 + HST
*Participation is Limited to 24 people
*Investment includes 3 months in the monthly Executive Mastermind Council™ specifically designed to implement the training.

Training Day 1. 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Training Day 2. 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Training Day 3. 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Completion Event: 7pm to 10pm.


“I had the pleasure of attending The Business Executive Training BASIX in June 2017. Prior to the training I didn’t know what my purpose in business was, how I was going to start my own business, and how I could show up in meetings powerfully confident. In essence, before this training I was operating like a frontline worker, and after the training I gained a massive upgrade by learning to think like a true executive with a step by step formula of how to build a successful business and how to use my breath to manage my internal state and mind. As a result, I was offered a better position than what I had initially interviewed for and I am now developing my own business – I can’t wait to make tons of money doing what I love! Thank you BASIX team!” – Christina Galie

“This was an incredibly wonderful, amazing and life changing course.” Diane K.

“An intense experience of cosmic proportions. The material would be ideal for anyone interested in tapping into their true potential and significantly enhancing their abilities in the business world and life. Textbook and academic principles certainly serve its purpose in providing for a solid business foundation, but this workshop provides the foundation for a truly enriching experience. One that will undoubtedly serve as a key component in creating world-class leaders.” Tom B.

“I participated in the BET Brain Training BASIX program this past weekend, my 10 + year business perspective and traditional education has been completely rewired like no other training program I’ve experienced. My consciousness has shifted to oneness with everything, my mind has activated new capabilities that are difficult to describe right now. I am more organized and complete inside and I am now manifesting a masterfully productive external business! I would highly recommend to any entrepreneur that they open themselves up to the possibility of creating something unimaginable through BET!” Stephen E.


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