Avricore Health (TSXv:AVCR | OTCQB:AVCRF): transforming modern healthcare

CEO Bob Rai

Let’s face it, when we go to the doctor and we are prescribed a drug we assume the medicine will work because a study was done on some people, somewhere, and it generally had an effect on them.

But do drugs work the same on everyone? Science says “no,” and that our DNA is what makes the difference.

This is where the importance of pharmacogenomics, the study of the genomics drugs and the patient, and personalized medicine comes into play. If the physician knows how the patient will metabolize certain drugs, they are then able to deliver the right medicine at the right dose.

And, while understanding the role genetics play in medicine has been a major focus for drug makers in recent years, health providers have had challenges accessing the types of blood test required in a quick and reliable manner.

But one company, Avricore Health, thinks it has the solution: your community pharmacist. These healthcare team members are on the frontline in terms of drug knowledge and administering medications. They play an important role in educating patients and have the ability to administer POTC (Point of Care) Technologies.

Avricore plans to do this with its HealthTab technology, a revolutionary platform for blood testing using a simple finger stick sample. By using a NASA developed analyzer called the Piccolo, HealthTab can deliver up to 21 bio-marker tests in less than 15 minutes. The test provides consumers with real-time data on their health which they can share with their physician.

More than that, HealthTab can act as a platform for even more POTC tests, such as pharmagenomics targeted at medicinal cannabis. This year, Avricore and personalized digital health company MolecularYou have partnered to release a pilot program called myCannabisPGX. This test will allow consumers to chose medicinal cannabis strains which best match with their metabolism and health concerns. Shedding real scientific light on this emerging healthcare segment.

Given that Ontario has recently mandated training for pharmacists and doctors with respect to cannabis prescription, Avricore has already been redeveloping its highly successful online pharmacist educational and sales platform to include modules and product information – including genetic testing of patients. This education for physicians, pharmacists and consumers will reduce the risk of negative drug interactions between current and potential medications and the THC and/or CDB’s they are introducing.

In fact, the drug interaction tool included in the product allows health providers and consumers to check 40+ over-the-counter and prescription medications for potential negative drug interactions between current and potential medications — and 10,000 prescription and POTC drugs including cannabis, THC and CBD.

Leading the way into these major developments at Avricore is CEO, Bob Rai. With over two decades of pharmaceutical experience, Rai first joined VANC Pharmaceuticals’ board of directors before becoming interim-CEO. With Avricore’s new vision, Rai is excited to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

Avricore’s HealthTab technology is a revolutionary platform for blood testing using a simple finger stick sample

The company, formerly known as VANC Pharmaceuticals, has pivoted its focus away from generic pharmaceuticals and is now a biotechnology company focused on delivering the best healthcare to consumers through the pharmacy counter.

The company is taking a look at how pharmacies and pharmacists currently operate and identifying potential opportunities to enhance services. The company feels the pharmacy counter is greatly overlooked and harbours the most potential in delivering personalized healthcare. Given the rise of on-demand retail testing, like 23andMe and Ancestry, which are purchased online – the logical next step is for pharmacists to take on a larger role and be able to help consumers with their healthcare concerns face-to-face.

Of course, you can not mention drug therapies today without discussing the opioid crisis. When it comes to opioids, the company can look at a consumer’s pharmacogenomic and drug interaction data so that health providers will be able to safely prescribe cannabis and other medications. This type of testing would provide an important opportunity to offer patients other choices and steer away from unnecessary opioid usage.

Technological innovations have given shape to the study of pharmacogenomics and how genetics play a significant role in an individual’s response to drugs. Data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows that over 260 therapeutic agents have information on how genes affect them, especially when it comes to labelling — and this number will likely continue to grow.

These advancements also have the pharmacogenomics market on track to reach $10.2 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 8.6% until then, this is an important and growing industry to tap into. It is also one that has received a lot of attention from health providers based on its potential to better serve patients and consumers.

An improved understanding of this science will help companies in the healthcare space expand their offerings and improve the future of healthcare. It will also reduce inefficiency and expense in the healthcare system.

Avricore’s role is expected to grow significantly as the company works to further revolutionize direct to consumer healthcare.

Find out more about Avircore Health (TSXv:AVCR | OTCQB:AVCRF) by visiting www.avricorehealth.com.


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