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August 2021

Certn Chief Revenue Officer Rory Capern in the CBQ

The new Silicon Valley: How Canadian culture is driving tech startup success

The geographic capital of tech innovation is changing. Once holding the monopoly over tech startup success, Silicon Valley is falling victim to a barrier faced by major hubs of the
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Jelly Digital Marketing & PR Founder Darian Kovacs

Questions to consider when advancing your professional development in marketing

Getting started on your digital marketing career can be an exciting journey but can also be difficult to know which courses and certifications will be of the most benefit to
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Timereaction Co-founder Allan Diamond-in The CBQ

The drastic changes occurring in corporate culture through Covid’s technology boom

Management is currently scrambling to take a position into innovative technologies thanks to the cultural shift that has reared its ugly head over the past 18 months. The belief of
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The Outside Systems Change Strategist Tim Merry in The CBQ

Moving through organizational change together

Making an organization more equitable and inclusive is a process that goes beyond just agreeing with each other that ‘discrimination is bad’. With racial injustice, and therefore diversity in the
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How Brazilian cacao production supports local communities through sustainable farming

Canadian businesses are preparing to enter a post-pandemic world where environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance to consumers, paired with an increased desire to experience high-quality food and beverage
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Conico Ltd: Polymetallic exploration in Greenland

An ASX-listed mineral explorer with assets in three sites across Greenland and Australia, Conico Ltd has recently received exciting news, having seen positive indicative results suggesting the presence of minerals
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PEMAC Former Director Leonard G. Middleton - In the CBQ

Effective asset management starts with good assets

From a long career in engineering, project management, maintenance, reliability, and asset management, here are some of my observations and related thoughts. My experience has taught me that there is
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Harmonia Philanthropy-Lois Graveline-In-The-CBQ

Addressing the myths facing the Canadian charity sector

Having hung my hat in the charitable sector for the past 31 years, I have reflected time and time again through conversations with people, that an ongoing and negative perception
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