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November 2018

The case for a long, mid and short-term view in sailing and marketing

Working within an organization’s annual financial process means you are likely to be either preparing, or have just finished, your annual planning and budgeting. In fact, it can often feel
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TRUMP: the influencer President?

In 2016 I wrote an article about how then candidate Donald Trump had used the influence and reach of social media to bypass the media and create a movement of
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Ontario: Still Canada’s biggest and best province

The province of Ontario is on the move, harnessing a historically rich and diverse economy to take full advantage of national economic conditions and continue providing jobs for a significant
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A sales opportunity for the ages

Cyclicality makes for many opportunities, many have made millions studying cycles, taking deliberate action to capitalize on turning points, be they peaks and troughs, or the birth of a new
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Hope and tax cuts in Iowa

What can we learn from middle America? Gideon Rozner heads deep into Iowa to find out Even by the standards of smaller airports, Iowa’s Waterloo Regional Airport is conspicuously spartan.
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Ermineskin Resource Development: Connecting industry with the Ermineskin Cree Nation

Ermineskin Resource Development works to create employment, business opportunities, training programs and contracting, all while ensuring oil and gas companies respect the needs, traditions and way of life of the
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2018 Ontario General Election: why did Ontario’s voters elect Doug Ford?

Ontario’s voters took to the polls in June to express their dissatisfaction with the Liberal Party’s governance under Kathleen Wynne, expelling her for Conservative populist and successful businessman Doug Ford
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Devonian Health Group (TSX-V:GSD): Efficient botanical drug development

TSX-V listed company Devonian Health Group is a late-stage botanical pharmaceutical corporation that utilizes innovative therapeutic approaches designed to target unmet medical needs across the globe, following a more efficient
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