Thinking About Infrastructure 2018: Querying the Infrastructure Gap

The infrastructure gap is in the news almost every day. It’s a massive number that keeps on growing. What does this mean for decision making around infrastructure, and how can we thoughtfully respond to the gap?

Over the last few decades, a growing number of organizations have attempted to calculate Canada’s infrastructure gap. A reflection of the investment required to maintain and restore existing infrastructure, the gap has become an important measure of our ability to keep pace with the demand for services and our commitment to the very structures that affect our quality of life.

But are we measuring the right things? What do we mean when we talk about infrastructure? How we should ultimately respond to this ever-growing gap.

Join us and take the conversation about infrastructure in Canada to the next level.

Infrastructure is about more than just physical things, it’s also about the services delivered through those things.

Infrastructure debates tend to focus on large-scale, expensive, physical things (and the politics of wanting those things). By expanding our definition to include services, we unlock a series of pathways that can help us better address the infrastructure issues.

We have multiple levels of government willing to make significant investments in infrastructure.

The capital-intensive nature of infrastructure highlights the role of decision making around how those investments are used and directed. It’s time for a thoughtful and comprehensive discussion about infrastructure in Canada—one that focuses on how best to support the Canadian public through those investments.

Gain practical insights from national and international experts and leaders.

Experts from across Canada and abroad will share their insights on how to understand and respond to the infrastructure issues. Emerging and best practices will be discussed, with a view towards informing practice and policy in Canada.

This is your chance to explore key issues, network with your peers, and be a part of this important conversation.

Building on Success

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. It has a long-standing reputation for developing and sharing the latest insights on infrastructure through its Centre for Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI). Conference Board events attract the top public and private sector leaders, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for conference participants.

The Better Workplace Conference 2018

Ensuring future workplaces are better workplaces for 22 years

In the 22 years since the inaugural Better Workplace Conference in Vancouver, the environment has never been so fast changing and complex as it is today. Social media, AI, and machine learning are transforming the way we work. At the same time major demographic shifts are welcoming a new generation of leaders, bringing their values, worldviews, and management styles to workplaces.

Never has the approach of this event been more relevant.

Employers are recognizing that better workplaces are built on a foundation of employee well-being. Each year this event has kept employers up to date with developments, introduced new ideas and approaches, inspired action, and encouraged reflection—because we have always believed that better workplaces are built on employee well-being.

Helping everyone on the Journey to a better workplace

This event is about the journey, not the destination. Hear about employee well-being transformation strategies that work to inspire individuals, and change work and organizations. Gain tools for personal development while learning the essentials of how to change a workplace culture. Only here will you discover some of the latest evidence based approaches to workplace wellness as well as gain a better understanding of how new technologies are changing work forever.

Three Streams, One Goal—Ensuring the Future Workplace is Built on Employee Well-Being

Each year we consult extensively to determine the most relevant and important issues for those engaged in creating better workplaces. This year we have identified three areas which combine to provide a holistic view of how to build a better workplace—focusing on work, wellness, and leadership.

ISER- 444th International Conference on Science, Health and Medicine (ICSHM)

ISER- 444th International Conference on Science, Health and Medicine (ICSHM) is a prestigious event organized with a motivation to provide an excellent international platform for the academicians, researchers, engineers, industrial participants and budding students around the world to SHARE their research findings with the global experts. ICSHM 2018 will be held in Ottawa , Canada on 27th – 28th September , 2018.

Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum Toronto

The Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum Toronto will cover areas like methodologies for measuring roi, targeting with customer data, managing cross functional collaboration, comparing single and multichannel interactions.

Funding Boot Camp

This interactive discussion will help you to understand the funding options that may be a fit for your small business.

The session will give an overview of:

– Funding myths
– Understanding how much funding is really required to start the business
– Your financial contributions to the business
– Microloans and Business Loan Programs
– Other business funding options
– Sources to further your research

This session is designed as a start in identifying possible funding options for your business. It provides a brief overview, and will be a good start to further research into the subject.